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Sled Runs of Ortler Ski Arena

Winter Fun on Two Runners

Sledging enjoys a great deal of popularity in the homeland of world and Olympic luge champion Armin Zöggeler. The most passionate of sledging enthusiasts venture out onto the high-speed artificial ice tracks while leisure sledders appreciate the many diverse natural trails of Ortler Skiarena. There are also a good number of illuminated sled runs that stay open into the evenings for night owls to enjoy.

One of the most popular sled runs of Ortler Skiarena is the 10-km-long track at Monte Cavallo (Rosskopf) Ski Area. The longest floodlit sled run in Italy, the ADAC named it the winner of its track tests: the best in German-speaking Europe.

In our new brochure, you will find everything you need to know about sledding safety at Ortler Skiarena − complete with tips from world luge champion Reinhard Gruber.

Sleds are usually available at the ski hire depots at the various ski areas and at many of the mountain huts along the sled runs.

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  • 23_vigiljoch_slow_rodeln
    The sled run atop pedestrian-only Monte San Vigilio is notorious for its sweeping and sharp curves. Two kilometres in length, it offers everything that makes sledding thrilling.

    Sled Rentals
    at the Vigilio summit station, 5.00 euro per day
    from the Gasthof Jocher tavern, 5.00 euro per day
    from the Gasthof Sessellift tavern, 5.00 euro per day

    Sleds may be rented on site and must be returned when the cable car makes its last descent, at latest. Sleds may not be booked in advance.

    More information
  • 22_reinswald_slow_rodeln
    Reinswalder Wiesn Family Sled Run
    Family-friendly sledging trail that runs 4.5 km from Pichlberg Alm across the Reinswalder Wiesn meadows
    Moonlight sledding, natural snow trail with child-friendly grades, 6-person cabin gondola helps with ascent

    Starting Point: Pichlberg Alm (2,130 m) − summit station of the cable car
    Length of Run: 4.5 km
    Altitude: 2,150 to 1,570 m
    Altitude Differential: 580 m
    Difficulty Level: intermediate
    Duration of Ascent (if walking): 1 hour, 15 minutes
    Price: only fee for lift ticket; free if you walk!
    Sled Rentals: Reinswald ski rental service − valley station of the cable car

    Sunnolm Racing Run
    From Sunnolm Restaurant, this fast-paced run passes through a number of technical corners on the way to the finish line. From there, you can connect again to the Reinswalder Wiesn sledging trail.

    Starting Point: Sunnolm Restaurant (1,850 m)
    Length of Run: 700 m
    Altitude: 1,850 − 1,958 m
    Altitude Differential: 108 m
    Difficulty Level: intermediate to advanced
    Duration of Ascent (if walking): 40 minutes
    Price: only fee for lift ticket; free if you walk!
    Sled Rentals: Reinswald ski rental service − valley station of the cable car
  • 24_schwemmalm_slow_rodeln
    Starting Point: Parking area of the alpinLounge W!
    Altitude at Starting Point: 1,580 m
    Length of Run: 500 m
    Altitude Differential: 30 m
    Classification/Difficulty: easy
    Walking Time: 40 minutes
    Features: Lighting, moonlight sledding, natural trail, run suitable for children
    Sled Rentals: € 1.50

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