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Winter Hiking and Snowshoeing at Ortler Ski Arena

Through the White Winter Forest

At Ortler Ski Arena, winter and snowshoe hikers will find an almost endless network of well-marked hiking trails and secluded paths offering panoramic views of South Tyrol’s three-thousanders.

Since proper equipment that protects against wind and weather is crucial for a trouble-free winter adventure, the ski areas of Ortler Ski Arena offer numerous hire depots for snowshoes, poles, binoculars, compasses, and maps. One of the many guided snowshoe hikes offered at Ortler Ski Arena is the perfect option for anyone who wants to combine a real experience of nature with learning more about South Tyrol and its inhabitants.

All ski areas of the Ortler Skiarena at a glance (PDF Download)
  • 16_maseben_slow_schneeschuh
    Arrival/Starting Point: From Curon (Graun), head into Valle Lunga (Langtauferertal) Valley as far as Kapron, then turn right down to the nearest farmstead, which is called Perwarg and situated at 1,687 metres.

    Ascent: From Perward Farm (1,687 m) at Kapron, first head east and then south along the Alm access road (also a sled run) that goes up to Ochsenbergalm pastures, at the entrance of the mountain valley by the same name. We recommend that you continue into the valley only if the avalanche conditions are good and you have a lot of experience in the mountains. Here, the route is quite clear. You’ll continue south through the relatively flat valley, to a marked narrowing. From there, follow the route back.

    Avalanche report: www.provinz.bz.it

    Please Note: the Maseben Ski Area will remain closed during the 2014/2015 winter season.
  • 18_minschuns_slow_schneeschuh
    From Avelengo (Hafling)/Falzeben follow Trail No. 51 first towards Sinichbach then up to Moschwaldalm* (1,750 m) and continuing, mostly flat, to Maiser Alm* (1,783 m).
    From there, follow Trail No. 17, then Trail No. 14, towards Rotwand as far as the Zuegghütte mountain hut (1,765 m). From the hut, it is an easy descent to the starting point at Falzeben. The whole loop is well signposted.

    Time: about 3 hours
    Arrival/Starting Point: Avelengo/Falzeben
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