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Ski Touring at Ortler Ski Arena

High-Alpine Ski Touring Between Mount Ortler and Similaun

At the ski areas of Ortler Ski Area, ski touring enthusiasts will find countless opportunities to ski through forests and secluded landscapes; there are also summits to be climbed and free descents to brave. In addition, unique ski touring routes in the mountains run through two natural reserves: Stelvio (Stilfser Joch) National Park and Gruppo di Tessa (Texelgruppe) Nature Park.

A safe tour requires experience, local knowledge, the proper equipment, and up-to-date information regarding weather and snow conditions. To be on the safe side, cross-country skiers may also join one of the many tours led by expert guides that are available at almost all the ski areas that form part of Ortler Ski Arena.
  • 34_sulden_ski_skitour
    Starting Point/Elevation: summit station of Solda Cable Car; 2,610 m
    Level of Difficulty: intermediate
    Route: Across Solda Glacier
    Elevation Differential: 917 m
    Duration of Tour: 3 hours, 30 minutes
    Length of Trail: 2.5 km
    Slope Aspect: northwest
    Tours: daily, with Ortler Alpine School
    Avalanche Report: www.provinz.bz.it
  • 36_meran2000_ski_skitour
    Starting in Avelengo (Hafling)/Falzeben, go up to Waidmannalm and continue until you reach the Meraner Hütte mountain hut. Walking along long-distance trail (Fernwanderweg) E5, continue to Vöraner Joch and then descend via Leadner Alm to the village of Avelengo. From town, take the bus back to the starting point at Falzeben.

    Food and Drink (open in winter): Leadner Alm, Waldbichl Mountain Tavern, Zuegghütte, Rotwandhütte, Piffinger Köpfl Mountain Tavern, Waidmannalm, Merano Hütte

    Tschögglberg Bus Line
    The new Tschögglberg bus line operates daily.
    The Avelengo (Hafling) – Verano (Vöran) – Meltina (Mölten) – San Genesio (Jenesien) bus route runs several times a day

    More information
  • 35_schnals_ski_skitour
    Starting Point/Elevation: Maso Corto (Kurzras), parking area: 2,011 m
    Level of Difficulty: challenging
    Route: The tour is quite difficult due to the altitude differential, but the route from Rifugio Bellavista (Scöne-Aussichts-Hütte) to Palla Bianca is not particularly dangerous.

    Ascent a)
    from Maso Corto, directly onto Palla Bianca (rather difficult): first head west into Langgrubtal Valley then you’ll soon turn north to climb up behind Punta delle Frane (Steinschlagspitze) Peak, through a valley that is first narrow and later widens. From there, head northwest and cross Vedretta delle Frane (Steinschlagferner), over Quellenjoch, and onto Matscherferner Glacier. Further north, you’ll arrive at Hintereisjoch then climb Palla Bianca along its southern ridge. On skis, only the lower summit is accessible. Descent: along the route of the ascent or the Bellavista route. Those with more expertise can pass Quellenspitze Peak on the east, and go through Steinschlagjoch. Best time of year: April to mid-June.

    Ascent b)
    from Maso Corto to the Rifugio Bellavista hut: from the Bellavista hut, you first descend a short distance westward and then continue west, ascending on the east side of Teufelsegg over Teufelsjoch (3,181 m) then switching over to Hintereis Glacier. Continuing westward from there, you’ll reach Hintereisjoch then climb along the southern ridge towards the north to the lower summit of Palla Bianca. The climb to the main summit, which is 30 m higher, is very difficult.

    Descent: along the route of ascent or along one of the direct ascents described.
    Best time of year: From April to mid-June. This tour is suitable only for skiers with Alpine experience.
    Altitude Differential: 1,728 m
    Duration: 6 hours

    More information on the tour can be found here

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